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Meet Our Team

Millennium Tire and Auto can’t run smoothly without our great team. Stop in and say hello.

Jay Gibler

Our Team in Phoenix, AZ

Jay is a Former Test Car Driver for Dynamic Science. A1 Certified with over 36 years of OJT (On The Job) training with various mechanical specialties including diagnostic testing, computer systems, cooling systems, air conditioning, fuel injectors, exhaust systems, and brakes. Jay believes customer service and repair education are the driving factors to keep our customers coming back to Millennium Tire and Auto.


Our Team in Phoenix, AZ

ASE Certified with 14 years of professional experience with a vast amount of knowledge in electrical systems, computer systems, drive belts, timing belts, drive axles, rear axles, transmissions, and suspensions. Ethan is a 4th generation mechanic; a “get it done right the first time” type of guy. He takes pride in educating our customers on the cause and solution of their repair needs.

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